Hello all ^_^

Doc // 17 // Any prns

I'm a person who exists on the planet Earth. Yes. Yes. I am human.

I'm someone who just goes about their day going to school, learning, going home, chilling, talking to friends, drawing, and gaming. Yeah, that's the life. After looking through everyone else's sites I felt incredibly inspired to make one of my own. Still getting used to html so things are gonna be left pretty blank for now.

Anyways, yeah, I draw! I make my own characters and write silly little stories about them (they need therapy and so do I). Check out my carrd to view my other social medias. You can tell I don't post often so dw about that. Anyways, yeah I hope you guys enjoy what I've got

Uhh... anyways... I'm gonna continue existing on this planet and debate my entire life. I'll try adding some stuff some other time. *Eats your walls and cries about my existential crisis*